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Tropical Flowers in Hawii

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Tropical flowers come in many shapes and sizes. They also display a variety of beautiful colors, and enchant you with their tropical island fragrance. I invite you to explore this selection of tropical flowers found on the island of Kauai, Hawaii one of many fascinating flower grounds

The Heliconias
  • The flower head of the Heliconias is among the largest and most colorful of tropical flowers. The bloom of the Caribbean can grow to 20 inches and longer. The largest flower shown in near Na Pali Bouquet is Heliconia Red Caribaea. Other large and medium Heliconias may be Bias, Orthotricas or even Strictas. These tropical flowers come in a rainbow of colors including varieties that are themselves a rainbow of colors.

  • The Pssitacorum (sit-ah-cor-um) Heliconias are smaller blooms, often only 3 to 5 inches in length. The Tropic Fleur and Guadalupe, Sassy are examples.

  • Some gorgeous Heliconias have pendant blooms rather than as those above with erect blooms. The Red Collinsiana and Sexy Pink are striking examples. A pendant bloom exceeding 3 feet in length is quite common, because of their size.

The Gingers

  • Most of the gingers in Hawaii have come from the Indo-Malasia tropics, but the most common red ginger here is from Polynesia, south of Hawaii. This species may have been introduced during the times of the earliest northward canoe migrations by the early Hawaiians. Layered cones, football shapes and rose-like forms are common shapes among the torch gingers. Reds and pinks are the usual colors, though the Beehive Ginger is a golden color.

The Costus

  • The Costus flowers vary in size and texture, some smooth and others fuzzy, all spiral. The varieties of the Costus come from many areas of the tropics including some which arrived from New Guinea and tropical Australia.

The Calatheas

  • Many say the Calathea was first introduced into Hawaii in the early 1970's. Most Calatheas are native to the dim rain forest floors of South America. The blue and white Calathea resembles a small vertical football of glacial ice. The most popular Calathea we ship is the Rattle Shaker. When dry, the seeds within the bloom do rattle.


  • Nice bouquets can include a variety of tropical foliage. Selections from among the following are included: Bird of Paradise leaves; Green and Red Ti leaves; Kauai Beauty Ti leaves; Hala (pandanus) leaves; Monstera leaves, Papyrus, Pleomele, Dracaenas; and from the palms, Fishtail, Sago, Queen Sago, Raphis, and Areca leaves.